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About Kelli

Welcome to Kelli Ellis Designs. It's been my life long passion to create.

My mother told me when I was too young to walk, I drew Sesame Street characters all around the base of the walls of our tiny apartment in Long Beach, California. An only child of a young law student, my father would let me doodle on his legal pads and school papers. I remember how exciting a yellow legal pad looked, blank, ready for my masterpieces.

My mother kept me occupied all day with crafts, coloring, painting and drawing. My creative arts were always supported as a hobby. Thinking I would follow in my fathers footsteps, I attended law school but left feeling very unfulfilled. I knew my passion was in the arts.  After 17 years as an interior designer, I finally gathered up my portfolio and my courage to pitch my art to the nations leading producer of fine art. Our partnership has allowed me to bring my vision to life. As one of Leftbank Art's featured professional artists, my childhood dream has come true. 

Either doodling, drawing, taking pictures, or painting; I love being an artist.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your home and design.